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Island cruises

Daily Cruises in Mykonos and the Neighboring Islands

Mykonos, a popular Greek island known for its vibrant nightlife and picturesque beaches, offers a variety of daily cruises to explore the neighboring islands such as Delos, Paros, Antiparos, and Koufonisia. These cruises provide a unique opportunity to experience the beauty of the Aegean Sea and discover the rich history and stunning landscapes of the Cyclades archipelago.

Exploring Delos

Delos, located just a short boat ride away from Mykonos, is an uninhabited island that holds great archaeological significance. It is considered one of the most important mythological, historical, and archaeological sites in Greece. Visitors can explore the ancient ruins, including the Temple of Apollo, the Terrace of the Lions, and the Archaeological Museum of Delos.

Venturing to Paros

Paros is another nearby island known for its charming villages, beautiful beaches, and traditional Greek architecture. A cruise to Paros allows visitors to enjoy the laid-back atmosphere of this island, visit the iconic Panagia Ekatontapiliani church, stroll through the narrow streets of Parikia town, or relax on the golden sands of Golden Beach.

Discovering Antiparos and Koufonisia

Antiparos and Koufonisia are two smaller islands that offer a more secluded and tranquil escape from the bustling crowds of Mykonos. Antiparos is famous for its impressive cave system, while Koufonisia boasts pristine beaches with crystal-clear waters ideal for swimming and snorkeling.

Booking a Boat Cruise

Numerous tour operators in Mykonos offer daily boat cruises to these neighboring islands, providing various options ranging from group tours to private charters. These cruises typically include transportation to and from Mykonos, guided tours of the islands, opportunities for swimming and snorkeling, as well as onboard amenities such as meals and drinks.

Embarking on a daily cruise from Mykonos to Delos, Paros, Antiparos, or Koufonisia promises an unforgettable experience filled with breathtaking views, cultural discoveries, and relaxation in the idyllic setting of the Cyclades.

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